Samsung Releases Galaxy S9 Enterprise Edition

08 March, 2018 | General

Samsung just launched Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus in carpet Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2018 some time ago. However, recently, the company also launched a device similar to the Enterprise Edition frills in Germany. In addition to Galaxy S9, Samsung also presents Galaxy A8 Enterprise Edition in the country. So, what distinguishes the standard model of Galaxy S9 and Galaxy A8 with Enterprise Editon model?

Quoted from Phone Arena, Tuesday (6/3/2018), this Enterprise version actually has the same specifications as the standard model. However, there are some differences in features presented by Samsung, considering the device is intended for business needs. One of them is dual-SIM support on Galaxy S9, which is already there for both devices with Asian marketing area. In addition, Samsung also immerses features Knox Configure and Enterprise Firmware Over-the-Air (E-FOTA).


With Knox Configure, companies using this device are able to remotely control the device when used in some situations. While E-FOTA allows certain firmware updates to be installed on multiple devices at once. Samsung also promises regular security updates for up to four years for the Galaxy S9 and a two-year warranty. As for Galaxy A8, Samsung offers a two-year warranty with monthly security updates up to three years.

According to the plan, two models of Enterprise Edition will launch in Germany in April 2018. For the price, Galaxy S9 Enterprise Edition priced 849 euros and Galaxy A8 priced 449 euros. For specifications, Galaxy S9 itself swing with a choice of Snapdragon 845 processor or Exynos 9810 which is usually intended for the Asian market. Related memory, Galaxy S9 equipped with 4GB of RAM with 64GB of internal storage space. Another with the Galaxy S9 Plus which has 6GB of RAM with a choice of 256GB of storage space. Both are supported external storage space via MicroSD slot up to 400GB.

Because it does not have a Home button, Samsung brings security features fingerprint scanner on the back of the body. Placement is different from the fingerprint on the Galaxy S8. On the Galaxy S9, the fingerprint scanner is placed under the main camera. Meanwhile, other security features are the face scanner and the scanner iris. Galaxy S9 has a 12MP main camera. This smartphone camera equipped with dual aperture capability that can adapt to various light conditions when shooting.

Dual aperture Galaxy S9 is F1.5, which is a great opening to accommodate low light conditions. The presence of a large aperture (F1.5) on the Galaxy S9 is the first time present on the smartphone. The goal is to bring low light photography better. Because the Galaxy S9 camera is not only present to accommodate photography in low light conditions, Samsung presents a second aperture that is F2.4 on the camera to still be able to take pictures in normal light conditions. Read more: Galaxys9manual